Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stage Act

Before others I say that you are not my beloved
and deep inside I know what a liar I am
I claim that there is nothing between us
just to keep trouble from us
And sweet as they are, I deny the rumours of love
and make ruins out of my beautiful history.
Stupidly, I declare my innocence
slay my desires, become a monk
kill my fragrance, deliberately
run away from the paradise of your eyes
play the clown, my love
I fail in that role and come back
For the night, even if it wanted to, cannot hide its stars,
nor can the sea, even if it wanted to,
hide its ships.

-Nizar Qabbani


shabz said...

I suppose when it comes to the heart, thankfully 'shows of strength' are useless !

The Dude said...

interesting.. got that touch of sadness mingled with so much else.. nice..

* said...

Do you recall where you found this poem? I've had a search online to no avail. It's beautifil- thank you.

Majestic Elk said...

Thank you desert demons for a beautiful poem from one of my favourite poets:

"Yesterday I thought
Of my love for you
I remembered
The drops of honey on your lips.
I licked the sugar
Off the walls of my memory."
Nizar Qabbani

desert demons said...

shabz - to truly love I suppose it means our barriers come down and when that happens our weaknesses are revealed - so yes shows of strengths are facades

dude - glad u like it

* - i have a collection of poetry and this one is from a collection of translated poems of Nizar Qabbani - the book is called On entering the sea: erotic and other poetry of Nizar Qabbani.

Elk - thanks for sharing another of Qabbani's brilliance.

* said...

Thank you.

I do not resemble your other lovers, my lady
should another give you a cloud
I give you rain
Should he give you a lantern, I
will give you the moon
Should he give you a branch
I will give you the trees
And if another gives you a ship
I shall give you the journey.