Monday, August 3, 2009

شوق (longing)

I waited for the sharqi* to bring news of you to me
There was nothing but a breeze
I waited for the shamal** to carry your scent to me
There was no fragrance, only the wretched stench of longing
I called out across the seas
But my voice was swallowed by the squall
Hasten to me, my love, my soul
Return to me
Let this distance of deserts, of oceans, of foreign lands between us, evanesce
Let me feel your embrace, your breath on my neck, your soft gentle kiss
Let me not wait in agony for these lonely nights to pass
Return to me
My love, my soul
For I cannot breathe without you.

* sharqi is the south-easterly wind over the Arabian peninsula
**shamal is the summer north-easterly desert wind


sid said...

Loved this. Really! Having a difficult time expressing how much I love this.

sid said...

Did you write this?

desert demons said...

sid - yes

desert demons said...

I'm humbled by your difficulty in expressing ...

That Mash Guy said...


Azra said...

Wow...its beautiful.

The Dude said...

read like a true old school desert romance.. very nice!

Mystique said...

this is beautiful...

your blog has a very arab influence somehow. Are you arab?

desert demons said...


Thank u


I missed u, welcome back and thank you.


Sometimes romance old school style is more memorable. :) Glad u liked it.


I am of the desert and of the sea, of forests and glades, of mountains and skies. Neither Arab nor non-arab - a foreigner and a local wherever I go. Then again, I may just be a mirage. Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting. I'm glad u liked the poem.

shabz said...

Wow girl, it's so romantic and old school - I was almost certain it was written in old arabia :)

Anonymous said...

DD, your response to mystique sounds a bit like thabo mbeki's I am an African speech. Subliminal messages perhaps?