Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kidney Stones

The carnivorous creatures were on the prowl. The taste of blood goading them on. In packs they carefully marked their targets from a distance. Watching and waiting. The young are always easy prey – undisciplined and curious, moving away from the herd. But also the young are most tender, fresh. The predator sniffs the air for the blood. He carefully tracks the victim by the spoors left behind. The prey is spotted and lured away from safety. With one quick move, the kill is clean and swift. The carcass is laid out for the picking and the feast begins.

The hunters: Israeli Defence Force
The prey: Innocent Palestinian youths
The prize: fresh organs to harvest

And of course there must be a link to the New Jersey organ trafficking syndicate of rabbis who were arrested recently! Despicable!

The Zionists are so inhumane, a few years ago they illegally harvested from their own soldiers, replacing the organs with cardboard and toilet rolls! But when that story was leaked and a senior pathologist took the fall, they had to source the organs elsewhere, and where better than the killing field called Gaza.

Could the diabolical acts against the Palestinians get any more macabre than this?
The picture that is the symbol of the Intifada – a young, stone-throwing boy facing the Goliath Israeli tanks was horrific enough. Now imagine that young boy being stalked and killed then cut open and robbed of his internal organs. What’s left to take? His soul?

This post is in Memory of Bilal Ahmed Ghanim (d 1992). Allah Yarhamhu.

Read more about the story here and here


Sid said...

Are you serious? Will read article now.

shabz said...

Why is it, that when it comes to such obvious injustice caused by the '1st world', more often than not, humanity responds with silence !

desert demons said...

sid - google it, there are a number of articles but I think the main one was in the swedish newspaper. After the New jersey case and the arrests of the rabbis this follows rather quickly and is far too much of a coincidence. I read one comment that said the body of Bilal Ahmed Ghanim should be exhumed to see if the organs were indeed taken, but I doubt that would work, considering that it has been 17 years!

The Israelis are demanding an apology from Sweden, but the PM is refusing and now human rights organisations are calling for investigations into the allegations. It would seem that many more families are coming forward with similar stories.

Shabz- there was surprisingly little coverage of the story in mainstream media. Perhaps there will be a delayed reaction to it, but I've not even heard any of my Palestinian friends mention this. Media is so controlled and so the silence persists.