Friday, August 21, 2009

The 99

I would like to wish you light, this Ramadaan & always !

I thought these muslim superheros were a brilliant idea, check them out at:


Sid said...

Muslim superheroes? LOL! Now I've heard it all. Ramadaan Mubaraak.

Anonymous said...

Hey DD, Ramadaan Kareem to you.
Nice of you to post on the99. You should do a more detailed post on them. I met the creator of the99 a couple of months ago at a conference. Very dynamic dude. So cool to hear that there's even a South African character - Bari the healer.

Here's to a peaceful ramadaan, inshaAllah.


desert demons said...

Hi Sid , Why not even superheros need to believe in a greater power :)

Hey Xena will get on it asap !

Have a beautiful Ramadaan !