Saturday, July 18, 2009

67minutes......Do your part!

It's Tata's birthday and he's celebrating in style!

The Nelson Mandela Foundation and affiliated organisations have set out a challenge to everyone: -
Madiba spent 67 years of his life dedicated to making a difference in the world ... can we dedicate 67 minutes?

DD is always willing to do her part:

1. 67 minutes of looking damn HOT in my killa heels --- hmm but then I already do! All the time! And that is my gift to humanity!

2. 67 minutes of Pure, devilish chocolate indulgence!

3. 67 minutes of sweet seduction of a certain sexy someone

4. 67 minutes of six senses spa serenity

5. 67 minutes of giggling with the girls

I think I've made my contribution so social development, now let me hear your 67 minute pledges!


Anonymous said... DD your initials? Or is your real name E??????

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

why do you ridicule legendary Mandela? '67 minutes of looking damn HOT in my killa heels'? Seriously!

Edge Of Where said...

A different take on things but fun :)

KiLLa said...

killa heels..

desert demons said...

Farmerboy DD is my cup size!

Anon - Even Madiba has a sense of humour and would appreciate laughter but sadly you don't. Perhaps you should spend your 67 minutes trying to grow a funny-bone.
And not that I have to justify it to you, but I did more than my real share on Mandela Day and yes, part of it meant me being in my killa heels, cos I rarely go without them.

Edge, thanks.

Killa - all in your honour!