Monday, June 8, 2009

Virginity Sales

In a world obsessed with policing the sexuality of women, whether it’s about the very controversial issues like vaginal mutilation (female circumcision) or ancient rituals, from reed dances to displaying the bridal bedding on the morning after… virginity has always been a big deal.

Earlier this week I was stupefied to read that a 22 year old Australian woman, is auctioning her virginity for $ 3.8 million (with a deposit of $250 000, because you can never be too careful). She is by no means the first entrepreneur of this genus, last year a San Diego woman auctioned off her virginity through a brothel to pay her student loans. Apparently sex truly does sell.

This new genre of sale, stands to open a Pandora’s box of issues, from plastic surgeons making tons of business for creating, ‘born again virgins’, to will these ‘business women’ be liable to pay taxes? Not to mention all the horny businessmen that will get taken for a ride (pun intended).

I guess it’s kind of like the old saying goes… If the price is right, everything is for sale!


sid said...

Well it is a recession. A girl has got to make money some how.

r a w said...

Don't hate the players. :-)

Anonymous said...

Xena's twisted mind read you third pararaph as Pandora's box of TISSUES

what ppl won't do for money!


desert demons said...

Sid - lololol @ recession coping mechanism

hmmm well RAW, what if both the playa and the game are hateful?

Xena - the thing is 'who' won't people do for money ?

KiLLa said...

And here i wanted to sell a kidney for an extra buck..

Who would want to buy it with virginity on sale also :P

word veri - anine

desert demons said...

lololool killa, my fear is what if they go through all that trouble and no one bothers bidding??

KiLLa said...

Well.. Give them due for making an effort..

Besides the times at present.. Esp economically.. I hear that girls are ACTUALLY MARRYING FOR LOVE..

So u may never know.. Oh they will get bids.. Im on charity auction and even im getting bids.. So yeah..I think they'll get normal hooker rates..

However there are some sick men out there.. U'll be surprised

word veri - joetaiwr

Anonymous said...

Girls marry for money - prostitution!
Sluts on sale

desert demons said...

Killa, the thing is when it comes to morality, whose rules do we follow ? and how far is too far?

Anon, I would think that selling your body is small fish compared to selling your soul