Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am A Woman

A poem by Sheema Kalbasi with Roger Humes

I am woman
coming from the desert
coming from the long line of tribes
coming from the long line of faiths

They called me mad
They chained me to the wall naked
yet I broke free the bonds
and ran through the pain of my existence
in search of the innocence that was denied me
and they called me mad
and they called me the evil spawn of Satan
yet I broke free the bonds
and ran towards our freedom
where I knelt
before the Mother and the Son
and I called them Salvation
and they named me Nation
and I tore loose the chains of captivity
only to fall once more into bondage
when I was raped by a Mongol
married a Jew
gave birth to a Muslim
watched the child convert to Buddhism
watched the child marry a Bahai
live as a Christian
die as a Hindu

I am a woman
I am the river
I am the sky
I am the clouded covered trees upon the mountain
I am the fertile earth whose song the plants drink deep
I am the long line of tribes
I am the long line of faiths
Don't try to convert me
into something I am not
for I am already all
that humanity will ever be


The Dude said...

Interesting poem, I like the rawness of the emotion in it and the simplicity that carries the emotion so strongly..

shabz said...

I am :), it's written in a way that allows you to feel her running , to feel her being... WOW !

Nooj said...

reminds me of the play At Her Feet. I don't think a man who has hurt a woman will ever understand until thd Day where God will give him comprehension and he will jump into The Fire out of his own accord

desert demons said...

Dude - I find that this poem describes the ugliness in a woman's life with such beauty.

Shabz - welcome to the sisterhood

Nooj - It is impossible for men to understand women, if they have not lived like a woman, or felt the emotions that she does, or looked through her own eyes. If they could understand a woman, they would not inflict the pain on earth as described in the poem. She is humanity!