Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exit Wounds

Beloved fight your urge to dedicate words of song
and poetry, without actions they will remain forever…
mere words.

Beloved abandon your passionate soliloquies, strangers
do not care to hear of my magnificence.

Beloved discard the thought of building great monuments
of love to me, eventually all structures will crumble
to dust.

Beloved stop conjuring me up in your mind, those memories
are no longer yours to enjoy.

Beloved avoid meaningless apologies, your broken promises
are their crypts.

The door is open.

Your future lies in wait.

It’s time to walk away…


M Junaid said...

your third stanza is very 'ozymandias' like.

Sweet :)

desert demons said...

lol well I suppose in many ways that heart is the 'king of kings' :)

Anonymous said...

how ironic desert demon. In exiting with your wounds you become the thing you urge against.

Your aching exit is itself
the song;
the soliloquay;
the monument;
the memory;
the crypt

that you wish the beloved to deny you and himself.


desert demons said...

Anon - I am free to revel in the celebration of my lost love after all , I am not the one that broke the promises :)

Majestic Elk said...

Hi, Desert Demons. I am delighted to allow the waves of your passion to wash over me again. I love the oxymorons and the delicious irony of your poem. On behalf of the "Beloved" may I make the following observations:
1 If he is writing passionate soliloquies to you (another oxymoron) perhaps his audience is you and he wants to tell you of your magnificence.
2 Building monuments of love to you will last for ever if they are in the form of words "So long as men can breathe and eyes can see So long lives this and this gives life to thee."
3 Because your beloved has wonderful memories of you in his mind you cannot take them away from him. Not even he can take them away. He is not conjuring them up in his mind. They have a life of their own. They are the fruit of the wonderful times you shared together. They blossom on seeing a familiar sight, on hearing a song you shared, on driving past a place that was special to both of you. They are the blessed fruit of your time together which will haunt you both, forever. Accept them, revel in them.
4 Yes, apologies are meaningless but going through an open door is no exit. Neither you nor your beloved will ever escape through that door. The ghost of your wonderful times together will always be with you. The ghost of the wonderful times you are not sharing will always be with you both. The ghost of the future times that you will not have together will always be with you. Believe me. I have been there. I am still there. I will always be there. Most oxymoronically of all I would rather be there than not be there. Only a few of us are lucky to be blessed by the wound of love. The more you try to escape, the more you will sink deeper. Let him tell you of your magnificence. Perhaps his conversion is belated. He now knows you are magnificent. Allow him to explain why. Methinks the desert demon doth protest too much! Accept your magnificence some of us "strangers" do want to hear of your magnificence. So let the soliloquies roll"
Wiser but sadder elk.

desert demons said...

lolol dear wiser and sadder Elk :) :):) ur back - MWAH , I love and simulataneously hate that you 'get me' so well :P The thing is that there are some places the soul is willing to revisit no matter how treacherous they are so I guess you're right the demon would rather remember than forget - pleasure and pain are far too close for comfort when it comes to love no?