Monday, April 13, 2009


Had you turned around as you walked away,
you would have seen the corpses of my unfulfilled dreams
salute you.

If you had stopped for a moment,
you would have heard the mournful broken song
of the promises your naked body made to mine
on those nights we lay in each others arms

Had you listened
you would have heard the hammer strike the earth
as I was sentenced to wandering the earth
from the moment of your fateful revelation.

If you had stopped for a second,
you would have felt the moisture drain from the air
as the now arid river of my hopes, waved you goodbye.

Had you sniffed the air as you walked away,
you would have smelt the burning of my hearts flesh as it welded shut.

If only you had turned back
just for an instant,
you would have seen…


Crimson Shimmer said...

one of your best`
nicely written :)

Edge Of Where said...


It tells what I would like to say sometimes but have never been able to put into words or maybe it's just my pride holding me back from saying these words out loud

desert demons said...

Thanx Crimson, glad your visiting again :)

Edge, a wise man once told me that in love their are no excuses, reasons, justifications ... it just is :)

Aasia said...

Beautiful but so sad!

desert demons said...

Thanx Aasia , I suppose there is something beautiful to be found in everything , if we only take the time to look :)

Fanaah said...

And that is..the beauty of poetry from a broken heart.
Loved it.

desert demons said...

fannah (btw love you name) - yep my granny always told me that to write sumthing that people feel - u have to get ur heart broken :P

Majestic Elk said...

Hi Demons. The only reason a guy would walk away from a gal like you is because he was afraid of the strength of that love. He knew that if he had looked back he would not have been able to walk away. His love was stronger than he was but he couldnt surrender to his fanaa. His weakness destroyed his strength. No consolation. I dont agree with your well meaning commentators. The beauty of lost love is nothing compared to the beauty of found love. Elkus Majesticus

desert demons said...

hey Elk , its great to have you back and as usual - u are beyond kind to me :) you are very very right lost love is a shadow compared to being with the one you love :)