Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saving Grace...

I need you, she whispered into the night, times are difficult and I need you.
An emotional Gaza, is a massacre nonetheless. Will you save me? She asked him the question over and over again. She needed to know that he was there and even if he couldn’t save her would he lay down his weapons and offer her comfort and support?

He couldn’t, actually he wouldn’t… he had his own demons to vanquish.

What is it with us humans? Always hoping someone will rush out of the darkness and save us? I blame the movies, they gave us a distorted perception of how life happens! (nothing can find resolution in 2 hours, while you eat popcorn and slurp on a cold beverage). In reality the only person that would or could save us is ourselves.

Even with this knowledge, as the dawn broke, she looked out over the sand dunes and searched the horizon. Was that a Bedouin warrior on an Arabian horse she saw in the distance or just a mirage her mind had created from hope?


americanising desi said...

What is it with us humans?
it is nothing but the incredible confusion of what ingredients went into the whole structuring of us!

Riverwolf, said...

Hmmm, maybe it comes from our parents always rushing in to save us from every little bump and bruise? Because they fill the role of hero, we then grow up and expect the same from others?

desert demons said...

Desi, I can only blame our mortality and hope :P

Wolf, Great to see you (MWAH), apart from parents I think its the inherent need for our souls to be completed by the 'other' :)

Riverwolf, said...

"the inherent need for our souls to be completed by the 'other.'" Yeah, odd little quirk in our make-up. Of course, there are many theories and ideas about why we have such a need. I'm quite the romantic at heart but this need of ours to be "completed" by another does cause all sorts of trouble and heartache. Wouldn't it be nice to know where it comes from and why?

desert demons said...

well wolf , the theories are many, if its religion you want to base it in , then we're created in pairs, if its evolution then its the need to procreate, if its psychology then it would be the fact that we arn't solitary creatures... whatever it is often the moments that blow ur mind are worth all the moments you lay there curled up in a little ball rocking to and fro in tears ... or are they?