Sunday, February 15, 2009


The muse is gone
Leaving me uninspired
How can I see my reflection in the murky waters?
How can the sunlight warm my skin when the desert sands have risen to mask the sky?
How can the waves of the ocean weather my shore when the moon has waned?

The muse is gone
And I have been lulled to a dreamless slumber
But my heart does not wish to sleep on
It aches to be awakened
Like the rose kissed by the dew of dawn
Like spring discarding the wintry white sheets as the melting snow nourishes the first blossom

The muse is gone
But what need is there for a muse, when my soul still sings.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

isnt it wonderful when uninspiration breeds something so inspiring :P

shabz said...

hmmm , so what you're saying is that , there is always hope? I'm liking the style!

desert demons said...

Kimya - ironic, isn't it?

Shabz - We're always looking outward for answers and expecting a lighting bolt to rock us but we seldomn see that the truth lies within us.