Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Invisible Coils

Spring, in South Africa, is beginning to show the resilience of nature despite the turmoil of political quakes and demise of the philosopher king. Like all aspiring heroes he had his flaws but what is waiting in the wings is a buffoon and jester with little or no substance.

Thank Allah that winter, is gone perhaps now we will see a rebirth of the ANC, then again it might be the same old fool in drag, not that I harbour homophobic tendencies, anyway the constitution doesn't allow that! This being a liberal secular democracy, except of course in places like Lenasia and Mayfair and those other plaas plekke that Killa and others have been on about - where we still have a hypocritical code of conduct and aspire to some idealistic Islamic state within a state with our own set of manmade rules.

Women here float about on bat wings oblivious of the world beyond, deluded that they epitomise the essence of piety, they haunt the malls desperately shopping for an identity. They love the anonymity it accords them to surreptiously observe the crude masses who lack the intense spirituality acquired through listening to Radio Islam.

Their disembodied voices waft over airwaves asking the pious men of religion about their menses, detailing the colour and content. Its miraculous how these promoters of moral values can pronounce on bodily functions, and have such intimate knowledge of women's excretions, being ghair mahrams. (In public nogal) Once upon a time these doyens of virtue exercised their constitutional rights by demanding the muting of women's voices for their lilting aphrodisiac potential. Now they've netted them in their web, they methodically mould them into identical beings, a halaal version of the stepford wives.

So how does this bode for a vassal? The question is existential though not deeply profound. Ostensibly slavery does not exist and yet we are enslaved within political systems, within social, religious structures; our freedom of expression, choices curtailed by dominant forces or majority views. If I veer away from the centre my ontological existence is demeaned and denigrated, my ability to reason, to evolve at a different pace is viewed as deviant. There just isn’t space for individuality, for creativity or uniqueness of being. Survival within these invisible confines diminishes self and gradually we submit and dilute the essence that lends that special fragrance to who we really are.

For women, this chipping away at identity is not too subtle, a kind of cradle to the grave carving into an object of man’s creation for his own consumption. We cannot deny the puissant influence the political and religious power mongers have on our lives.

But its spring, time to unearth the dead roots …..


KiLLa said...

U called lenz and mayfair plaas plekke.. lol

Naboomspruit is a plaas..

On a serious note.. I blogged on Radio 'not so" Islam like a year back.. The consequences of that action was a tad bit harsh.

Halaal stepford wives.. Lmao.. Endorsed and created from the makers of Robo-Cop..We need to give her a name..


the Goosenator
the GORIMA 2000 deluxe

Ok i'll stop..

desert demons said...

Last history lesson I had way back when definitely said that Lenz was a plaas! Maybe before the charous moved in, but it most definitely is a farm!

As for Mayfair, the bat-winged haaanties who were originally from the plaas brought their cow-mentality with them! (Is that y some ppl use "cow" as an insult??? She's such a cow!)

Don't even get me started on the houghties and the other laarnies!

I'm leaning towards the Gorima 2000 deluxe from the options you put across!

Now I'm off in search of your post on Radio "not so" Islam! *excited*

desert demons said...

maybe i should have thrown in a-sut-ville farm as a tribute to u!

KiLLa said...

Such an article has been removed form the archive

It is however available via a mail request


Azra said...

I'm LOVING this post...I dotn know if its the "plaas plekke"that resonates...
or the
"Women here float about on bat wings oblivious of the world beyond, deluded that they epitomise the essence of piety, they haunt the malls desperately shopping for an identity"
It encapsulates everything I've said and believe about these women...and so eloquently...

Iév changed my mind, when I grow up I want to be half MJ, half DD :)

Anonymous said...

DD, I so enjoy your writing. You have a knack for painting a vivid picture of whatever you observe. Keen insights, too.

From an outsider's perspective, it seems to me that Muslim leaders fear women, and that's why all the restrictions and rules are in place. I'm sure it isn't that simple, but it does seem that fear drives so many religious (as well as political) institutions and practices.

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

My favourite listening on that station used to be the SANHA happy hour; "Moulana, can we eat smarties?!?"

You've also reminded of a time when we had a supermarket in Azaadville, and the aunty who asked me if coconut meat was halaal.

I hear you, and while spring has sprung, we're waiting on the grass to riz.

Saaleha said...


I liked the bat wings description too, though it prickled somewhat, since I once sprouted the self same wings. They've been clipped recently and that is proving to be a challenge in itself.

I hear what you say about the stepford wives, but also believe that there are many willing to break out of the mould. Many who do so and simply say, I don't give a damn

as for the menses comments, I found them lacking in truth, since the women of the Ansaar were never shy to ask questions concering personal matters if it meant an increase in knowledge. Sorry to be such a kiljoy.

desert demons said...

Aww thanks Azra, thats so sweet! Sometimes i wanna be half me too! ;)

I write as i see it, i guess for me words are a tool to paint a picture. :)
Any religion in its essence is beauty! The saddest thing is that human nature tends to distort the reality and in most cases, men are the dominant ones who then misuse the religion to exert their dominance - and as you said, it probably is out of fear. Then again, there are those who challenge the norm!

SBM - Hahaha the coconut meat! Poor coconut does have hair! sounding more and more like a little aminal! lol get sanha to approve that!

Saaleha 2- thank you for the visit, altho u misunderstood the menses comment. I didn't mean that women should not seek knowledge etc, i was referring more to the voices behind the mics who previously had a firm policy to stop any and all women's voices from being heard, cos it was considered too erotic - awrah etc. These are the self same ones who now welcome the women caling in with such personal questions, I guess the vagina and the menses from there doesn't violate awrah regulations!

Saaleha said...

Aaah, now I get it. Yes the 360 degree about turn baffled me too. But maybe that's what they call being progressive :P