Thursday, October 2, 2008


Life is a sadistic voyeur, who dances to the rhythm
of breaking hearts and quenches its thirst on tears.
Your longing is without honour, your needing is disgraceful.

Is it still courageous when your beloved is left pained at
your revelation? What bravery remains when you abandon
your beloved to suffer the pangs of realization…

the future will NOT be as you desire it.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

sadly, these words speak to me.

no solace in realising that stories like these are mirrored... just more sadness upon sadness...

i learnt two things: one is that, the face of innocence is a mask of the conniving; and the other is that a clash of 'truths' can leave one slaughtered when you decide at some point that you dont need acceptance, only the release of your truth. come what may.

KiLLa said...

sadly thes words DO NOT speak to me.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS POETRY thingy to me.. At least i can comment decently then.

Or is it a case of u either know it or u dont..

Parasputin said...

the pain of revelation is bittersweet compared to the agony of love unspoken and therefore unrequited.
Brave? Yes.
Cowardice is the fruit of the tree of complacency. Regret lies amongst its roots.

I am glad I was bold enough to make my feelings known. So is my wife :)

Waseem said...

I think the scale weighing the pain of rejection and the pain of regret is almost equally balanced. I would still rather know than not know though.

desert demons said...

Just to say 'Thank You'to Kimya, Waseem and Para for your very REAL responses, its amazing how we can all have similar experiences with totally different consequences, I guess total honesty is the only option and hope gives life :)

As for Killa - I'm offering some poetry lessons ,somehow I'm certain you're much smarter than you're pretending to be :P

Parasputin said...

re google chat, I'm always there, just can't respond immediately :)

send another line and i'll give you an invite

Princess said...

Words that bring many images to mind...hmm interesting choice & use of words!