Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reflections of the Soul

Artist: Sara Shamma (Syrian Artist -

This woman is amazing and I'm sorry its taken me so long to be introduced to her. She has a gift of capturing the soul in her paintings. She started painting at the age of four and she's world renowned.

"The spiritual ecstasy attained by the Dervish dancing, and by listening to Sufi music has been through the last seven years of my life a source of inspiration and a world of meditation, relaxation and a means for attaining a state of mental purity from which all creativity springs out. When asked about the message behind or the purpose of a certain painting, I’ve always asserted that it is- in the purest sense of the words- the outcome of a state of being that the deliberations of mind can not define.In nature I breathe the fresh air.. I enjoy smells and colors and sounds but it is better to live in nature than to frame it into paintings…The inner life of human beings expressed on their faces and hands is highly inspiring to me… I’ve always since I was a child sailed into faces and gestures…And when I discovered that I can do all the sailing by gazing into my own face and hands, the mirror became my source of inspiration. Basically one human being stands, for humanity as a whole… Actually for the whole universe."

Her paintings are often soul-wrenching, agonisingly depicting the tearing of the soul from the body - reflections of the self, and x-rays of the inner being.

And then there is the calming state of fanaa that the humble darwish reaches, as he releases layer upon layer of his nafs, drawing him ever closer to the Divine.


Nooj said...

Just looking at these makes me feel like I'm shedding my skin for a Lighter existence

Nooj said...

oi we having a blog meet can u mail me ur email addy so i can send u details? ayesha in particular said she'd love to meet u :) mine is

Anonymous said...

Exquisite paintings... The first in particular!

shabz said...

I love the Dervish , FANAA looks blissfull!

Azra said...

DD - That first painting reaches into my soul and stirs something in me.

For me its looking at a woman who's face tells her life story...The one half jaded by life's experiences...and the other half still beautiful and innocent...*tear in my eye*

Five Stars *****

I love Syria. I'd go back anyday. We should do a tour.

Junaid said...

this is - was - out of this world; the first painting is good enough to be the mahr for one's special muslimah mate, don't ya think :)

Riverwolf, said...

Beautiful artwork--I love her style. I particularly like the one of the dervish.

desert demons said...

nooj - thought i already responded to u, but maybe it was at a time when my lines between reality and the dream world were blurred. tell me more about the meet- my email is

Anon - they are indeed!

shabz - if only we were capable of reaching that

azra - deep interpretations. Syria tour? is that an invite?

junaid - she'd have to be very special and u'd have to be very wealthy!

river - thats my favourite too

Azra said...

Yeah why not? It would be great...I went in 2005/2006...but I didnt get to do as much as I would have liked.

Have you been by any chance?