Monday, September 1, 2008

God doesn't play hide and seek

As Ramadan approaches, different parts of the world welcome it in different ways. Personally I've always enjoyed Ramadan in “muslim” countries more. This is mostly because of the festive, happy mood that dances in the air like the fragrance of sweet tea. I do realise that there is more to Ramadan than a 'festive mood' but what I don't understand is why muslims get so caught up in the dogma that they often forget, that Islam also has a 'fun side of the island'.

Now enough about the partying and onto more serious issues. In the Quran God says: “O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you, like it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may learn self-restraint.” (2:23)

Self-restraint is about so much more than just the not eating and the not having sex. It includes so many aspects of everyday life that we fall short on. Like to restrain from; worshipping material idols; being self-absorbed; being insensitive and the list continues...

We often get it wrong! Ramadan doesn't change who we are, its merely an introductory course for who we should be. The aim being, to enable us to create a new, better habit for both body and soul. After all it is not for God that we fast because God already sees right to the bottom of our sleaziness. When we fast it is in the hope that we will embrace the spirit of self-restraint that Ramadan teaches us throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

Ramadan is about so much more than prohibition, it is about an abundance of self-knowledge and spirituality!

Junaid said...

well, ramadan may be more enjoyable and festive in a moslem country, but heck, it sure is nicer (OK, I mean easier) to have ramadan in the cold, short days here than in the burning hot and LONG days of the greatest of greatest moslem countries, PAKISTAN :)

desert demons said...

thanx anon- I agree, we receive sooo much in Ramadan yet we always choose to focus on what we cannot do :)

hey Junaid- lol thanx for your visits , are you the foreign minister for Pakistan?

robg said...

that sounds cool, Ramadan should be every day!
But i am really worried if its good for ppl to be thirsty all day. There is nothing wrong with drinking a glass of water - whether you live a self-restricted life or not.
I mean, if one lives according to good values and not overly excessive, then why would one still need to thirst during one month per year to remind oneself of what it means to be self-restricted?