Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trip to the Spa

During this week I went out for coffee with my friend Sadia. She’s recently expanded her previously small beauty salon into a very larnified spa. She got herself a posh house that she’s converted and equipped with all the latest gadgetry. The garden has these relaxation pools and water/sound therapy and there’s a room with light therapy and some other weird stuff that I don’t quite get, but maybe I’ll try out someday. Her clientele vary from the ultra modern chic executive to the bored housewife who wants to keep herself polished. Now I’ve heard about how women who go to the hairdresser offload as if they’re visiting a shrink but it was only when I heard all of Sadia’s stories that I believed it! The one that struck me most was about the niqabi woman whose husband drives her to the salon. Of course it’s expected that treatments will take a couple of hours and he agrees to fetch her after a while. She enters the salon and says she’d like an appointment for a manicure / pedicure, which doesn’t take more than half an hour and asks for the appointment to be after an hour; meanwhile she hops into the ladies room and exits with a different abaya on. Next thing you know she’s out the door and into another car with a different guy! There’s a lot that can happen in an hour away! Then she’s back again for the manicure and pedicure, a quick change and the dutiful husband is found waiting outside for her. Back home he says to her, “honey the trip to the spa really did wonders for you! You look amazing, glowing!” - unaware of the sexy romp that really made her cheeks glow!


KimyaShafinaaz said...

oh my!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

as a writer, the biggest challenge is keepin ur readership while presenting believable characters. i often hear stories from friends etc, and think, my gosh, if i had to write up stuff like that, who would believe it/?! theyd think this writer's gone mad!

lol. go figure!

desert demons said...

most of my stories are based on true events! including this one!