Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Test Match

Lately I was introduced to this comedian, Chris Rock. He's really rude and swears a lot but very intelligent both politically because he has a very real view of American politics and foreign policy and about life in general.

Chris Rock says that women often blame themselves when men cheat. He went on to say that women think that if they were hotter or thinner or younger or did something differently men wouldn't cheat. According to him this view is total BULLSHIT! He says men will cheat anyway, its just how the world rotates.

Muslim guys as usual take it to the next level. We all know you're allowed four wives, it happens once you're married and its called polygamy. However when you're still dating (which you as a muslim shouldn't be doing anyway) and you're seeing more than one person at a time it's called CHEATING! Sadly for you there is no “test run” system in place !

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