Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Peachy

If you're awake really late and severely lacking sleep it can go only two ways? It either makes for an amazing conversation or all your ability to converse intelligently, rapidly deteriorates until you're left giggling at random junk.

Luckily for me, last week at an impromptu midweek stay awake the former happened. So as the clock struck 2:30 am, a friend was kind enough to recite some couplets by Ghalib Mirza who is one of the most renowned eastern poets. Once you've heard his graphically, lyrical style it is'nt difficult to understand why he is so famous. One really cannot help but be taken prisoner by his words...

“So that God is not loved for honey and wine take heaven and cast it into hell.”


Aasia said...

I get every one is into Rumi and such. I personally can't relate to it. Although when saying the poetry out loud. Is like creating a rythm with the vocal cords.

I just don't get this type of poetry.

Xena said...

Aasia: I love Rumi but i think there's an overkill of his work by people these days. I recently went to an event where this rich dude decided he needed to do a powerpoint presentation on Rumi drowning out the sounds of the turkish string quartet that was performing. It was so bad that one the audience members came to apologize to me. He wasn't even an organiser of the event, he just happened to be Turkish and felt embarrassed!!!