Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fidgeting Feedjit

How to find Mirage A Trois’s blog? Let me count the ways……
(of how some of you got here over the last couple of weeks)

From search for “PORN”

From search for:
1. “Love at”
2. “Letting my wife sock cock”
3. “Guy arab cock”
4. “Desert cock picks”
5. “Mirage taking two cocks”

Seems like my demonic matrimonial guide spawned a wankathon!


Azra said...


Girl, you are too much :D And we Love it :D

Word veri: pecockpi...I kid you not! lmao

desert demons said...

pecockpi???? LMAO

this time word veri is veri accurate in fitting in with the subject! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the person who googled “Letting my wife sock cock”.

I'm wondering if it isn't Mr. Skanky Panky who on discovering the jig was up decided to try to make the best of what he DOES have?

Or perhaps Mr. Born Again wanting the best of both worlds??

NO! I bet it's Nahro's papa!!!

I do suggest though that the next matrimonial guide be titled:
“Desert cock picks”.

I'm an addict to ya blog :DD

KiLLa said...